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Book Report Page

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Book Report


The following is a list of important ideas to include in your monthly book report.

As you read each month's book, try to keep these ideas in mind (Taking notes as you read will help!).


Protagonist (1 paragraph)

Who was the main character of the story?

Who is the good person in the story?

Sometimes there is more than one protagonist in a story. It could be a team or group of people.

Describe the protagonist. This can include their appearance, but should focus on what makes them different from the other people in the story.

Think about their character. Were they brave, timid, smart, funny, loud, or quiet?


Antagonist (1 paragraph)

The antagonist is a person who fights against or opposes the protagonist.

It can sometimes be more than one person.

Describe the antagonist, and like the protagonist, try not to focus too much on what they look like. Think about their background, how they act, and what makes them act the way they do.


Conflict (1 paragraph)

The conflict is usually one of the following:

1) Person versus Person

2) Person versus Nature

3) Person versus Himself

4) Person versus Society

Think about who or what your protagonist was up against in the story. Be able to defend your decision by giving evidence from the story.


Setting (1 paragraph)

Where did the story take place? Describe the location.

What time period did the story take place in? Are you able to prove from the story that this is correct? Include evidence in your report.


Plot (1 paragraph)

The plot is a summary of what happened in the story.

Try to include the major details of the story without including too many minor details. This can be a difficult process.

Think of plot as telling about the story in five or six sentences.


Climax (1 paragraph)

What was the most important or exciting part of the story?

Think of climax as the story building up to one crucial moment before the story ends.


Resolution (1 paragraph)

How do the protagonists resolve their situation?

What was the solution or outcome of the story?

How did the story end?


Theme (1 paragraph)

Click here for a list of common themes in Literature: Themes

If you could sum up the entire story in one or two words, what would it be about?

After you have decided on your theme, find parts of the story that support your idea.

Try to prove that the theme you have chosen is correct.


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