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Joke Page!







The one who makes it sells it.

The one who buys it doesn't use it.

The one who's using it doesn't know he's using it.

What is it?



A coffin!



You are on a boat. On the side of the boat there is a ladder with six steps. Each step is one foot apart from the next. It rains and the water raises six feet higher than before it rained. How many steps on the ladder are underwater?



None; The boat rises with the water so all steps stay above water.



You are a bus driver and you're picking up kids at their stops. The first stop you pick up 13 then drop off 7. At the second stop you pick up 31 and drop off 5 more. At the final stop you pick up 12 and drop off 22. How old is the bus driver?



How old are you? You are the bus driver!


Question - How many words are in Webster's Dictionary?

Answer - Two!


Question - Do you want to hear a construction joke?

Answer - Sorry, I'm still working on it!



Question - How do bees get to school?

Answer - On the school buzz!



Question - What do you get when you cross a spider with a computer?

Answer - A web page!




Question - Why was the computer cold?

Answer - It forgot to close its windows!



Question - What do you call a famous archer?

Answer - A shooting star!



Question - Why is the math book so unhappy?

Answer - Because it's full of problems!



Question - How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Christmas?

Answer - He felt his presents!




Question - Why was the teacher cross-eyed?

Answer - Because he couldn't control his pupils!



Question - When does a teacher carry birdseed?

Answer - When there is a parrot-teacher conference!



Question - What is a pirate's favorite subject?

Answer - Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!



Question - What did the math teacher have for dinner?

Answer - Pi!



Question - Why did the student bring plastic scissors to lunch?

Answer - He wanted to cut in line!



Question - Why did the boy walk backwards to school?

Answer - Because it was back to school day!



Question - What state do pencils come from?

Answer - Pencil-vania!



Question - What do smart birds like to study?

Answer - Owl-gebra!



Question - How do bees get to school?

Answer - They ride the school buzz!



Question - Which spelling word is always spelled incorrectly?

Answer - Incorrectly!



Question - What did the alien say to the book?

Answer - Take me to your reader.



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