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Literature Circles 05-06

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Literature Circles

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Literature Circle Jobs


2006 - 2007 Literature Circle Instructions

Chapters 1 - 7


  • Job #1


When you finish reading chapters 1 - 7, make a list of the characters you have read about. Your job is to create "Wanted" posters for these characters. Include a simple illustration, their name, and a brief description.


  • Job #2


When you finish reading chapters 1 - 7, your job is to summarize the chapters in cartoon form. Include the main events in the chapters.


  • Job #1


When you finish reading chapters 1 - 7, your job is to create a newspaper front page that reports the unfortunate accident that took place in Chapter 1. Make your newspaper as realistic as possible.


Chapters 28 - The End


Monday's Homework

Read the above-mentioned chapters with your group.


  • Jobs


Book Report


  • Introduction - describe the book, the author (biography), publisher, dates, etc.
  • Characters - describe the different characters in the book
  • Book Summary - summarize the main events of the book
  • Book Review - This is where you get to describe your feelings about the book. Did you enjoy it? Would you recommend it? What did you like about it? What was the book's theme or moral?
  • Drawing/Illustration/Photo


Due Date: May 12th

Chapters 23 - 27


Monday's Homework

Read this week's chapters tonight. You may count the time read for your reading log.


Homework Due Friday (Jobs)

  • Job #1

Cover Page - Include Title, Chapters, Drawing, your Name, and Date


  • Job #2

Chapter Summary - Write a paragraph summary for this week's chapters describing the main events.


  • Job #3

Character Description and Profile - Write one paragraph describing a "Cloud Man" and a profile drawing of the Cloud Man.


  • Job #4

Illustration Page - Draw a full-page, color illustration showing the coolest part of this week's chapters.


Chapters 14 - 22


  • Job #1

Design a Bulletin Board for Chapters 14 - 22

Your group will design and build a bulletin board this week.

The Bulletin Board should be about the most important event in chapters 14 - 22.

Please turn in a design paper by Tuesday that your group has agreed on.

Work on the bulletin board will begin when you submit your design.


Chapters 10 - 13


  • Job #1

Cover Page Include Title, Chapters, Drawing, your Name, and Date


  • Job #2

Chapter Summaries Write a paragraph summary for each chapter describing the main events.


  • Job #3

Favorite Character Choose your favorite character in the book and write a paragraph comparing and contrasting that character to yourself.


  • Job #4

Design a Bulletin Board Imagine that you are able to design a "James and the Giant Peach" bulletin board in the classroom. On a piece of paper, design your bulletin board. Be sure to include color and details.


Chapters 6 - 9


  • Job #1

Cover Page Include Title, Your Name, Drawing, and Date


  • Job #2

Artist - Comic Book Summary of Chapters 6 - 9


  • Job #3

Summarizer - Summarize the events in chapters 6 - 9.


  • Job #4

One-Sentence Summary - Write a one-sentence summary for each chapter so far.


  • Job #5

Map of the Peach - Draw the inside of the peach - show how the inside is laid out.




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