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Spring Biography Page

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Biography Fair Page

Information about the Spring 2008 Biography Fair Project


Important Dates:

The Biography Fair has been re-scheduled!

Date: Tuesday, May 6th

Time: 10:00 - 11:45 A.M.

Place: Pinon Elementary School Gym


What you need to start doing:


First, you need to select a person you are interested in and can find at least three books about that person. If you can’t locate three books, you need to choose another person.

Second, you need to start reading about your person and writing down facts, ideas, and words that you learn. You should record your facts, ideas, and words as well as the title and author of your research books in a research notebook. You can collect facts at home and at school. If you research at home, you can collect facts from any resources you have at home. You will need to keep a record of those resources as well.



Presentation Requirements:


1) 10 - 20 Facts about your person

2) 10 - 20 Questions and Answers

3) 10 - 20 Vocabulary Words with Definitions

4) Bibliography of any books, magazines, or websites that you used

5) Portrait of your person (drawn by hand)

6) At least one of the extra credit options listed below

7) Speech (30-second minimum) - try to deliver the speech in an accent similar to one your character would have had.

8) Costume and Prop - try to put together a costume that shows how your person would have dressed.


Extra Credit Options:


1. Timeline or chart

2. Math problem

3. 3-D project or model

4. Paragraph

5. Graphic of any type

6. An idea of your own (check with me first)

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